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Portland Blonde Escorts - Blonde Escorts In Portland has 17 Portland Blonde escorts.

$400 is the highest hourly fee charged by any Portland Blonde escorts.

Out of all of the escorts on that are listed as Portland Blonde escorts the average rate is $237 per hour.

Portland Blonde escorts has lots of escorts of all different ethnic groups. Caucasian, Mixed and [most popular ethnicity 3] make up most of all.

In Portland Blonde escorts the average age is 36.

Of all Portland Blonde escorts the oldest to have a profile at is 48 years young.

Curious to know what the lowest rate is? Listed under Portland Blonde escorts the lowest price is $160 per hour.

503 and 541 make up the majority of area codes for profiles listed under Portland Blonde escorts.

Portland is city number 24 in rank order of the most escorts on

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