Do you want more exposure to your profile? has highly targetted traffic of hobbyists looking to book a date with you. Take a look at our traffic stats directly from Google Analytics: Traffic Stats

The average user on visits a total of six pages and spends over two and a half minutes on the site, and by the way, there's over a million of them! So how can you cash in on this traffic? It's simple.

Profiles on are ordered based on how many points your profile has. 

Your profile gets points for being complete. By making sure your profile has contact information, a description, services listed, having your website link back to ours and by uploading as many pictures as possible. Next, you need to ask your clients to write honest reviews of you. You'll notice that the profiles that are listed first on have their profiles filled out completely with lots of pictures and reviews from clients. Ready to get started?

Follow these simple steps:

  • Create an account on It's free to sign up and create your profile. 
  • Fill out your profile as much as possible. Upload as many pictures, include all of your contact information and fill out the rest of the details.
  • Get your clients to write honest reviews of you on

If you've done all of the above and still want more exposure to your profile, you're in luck. We are starting to introduce paid options to increase the exposure to your profile pages. Here are the two options:

Buy Extra Points

Buy Extra Points

Subect to quality control, if you have a profile that you would like to rank higher but aren't able to organically accrue enough points to rank it high, you can purchase points which will automatically list your profile at the top of all listing. Pricing depends on how what city you are currently in and so if you're interested it's best to send us an email at .  

Featured Profiles

Featured Profiles

For every city that is featured on, we will offer six different featured escort profiles which will be visible on all of the city's pages, including profile pages. The background is "fixed" meaning that even if someone scrolls down the page, they will still see the featured profiles. This option will greatly increase the exposure to your profile page. If you're interested in reserving one of these spots, the pricing depends on the city so please contact us and let us know what city you're interested in advertising on. You can contact us via email: .

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