About Us

Le69.com is a premiere online escort community. Most other online escort websites that get a lot of attention are websites that were built a very long time ago and have been completely outdated for a while now. We frequent escorts regularily and have been using these websites for a long time to make appointments with escorts. Using out dated websites has become tedious, especially knowing what escort websites could be if they were done properly...

That's why we decided to start Le69.com. We believe finding an escort that you want to see based on your criteria should be quick, painless and easy. We also believe that you should have easy access to reviews of the escorts in the same place so you don't have to cross reference different websites all over the place in order to have an enjoyable experience with an escort.

With that being said Le69.com is completely free to use, and will stay that way. We don't believe that you should have to pay in order to get an escort's contact information or to see her reviews. We also don't believe that escorts should have to pay in order to have a basic profile on Le69.com. At some point in the future we may charge escorts to make their ads featured or to provide additional services to escorts which cost us money to develop and execute, however having a basic presence on Le69.com will always be free for all escorts. 

We also pledge to keep advertising on Le69.com to a reasonable amount. We will not inundate our visitors with pop ups and banners that ruin the experience. We pledged to make Le69.com a very clean, simple website. You get the information you're looking for easily and quickly and intrusive ads only hinder that experience. We will make use of banner ads in appropriate places on the website to help fund the further development of the website.

One of our most important commitments is to a few causes that we feel are both relevant and extemely important in today's world. We will continue to work with organizations and charities that stop child prostitution and stop human trafficking. We will always donate a percentage of our profits to charities that work to eradicate child prostitution and eradicate human trafficking. We plan to introduce a feature on our website that will allow hobbyists and punters to report suspected cases of child prostitution and human trafficking so that we can report them to the appropriate authorities.

Overall, we hope you find Le69.com a welcoming website that provides all of the escort information you need in order to consistantly have memorable experiences with escorts. We welcome your feedback and suggestions. 

**Note: Please understand that we are NOT an escort agency nor are we affiliated with the escorts on this website. We are simply an escort portal where we list information of escorts so that you may contact them directly.